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It changes sign after 2. Horoscope analysis would be incomplete if you ignore moon chart. It is the most important divisional chart.

Different Types of Zodiac Sign Personality🙆‍♀️*Must see*

Position of planets in Lagna chart is seen and then their strength in 'Navamsa' is seen to ascertain their actual strength. If a planet is exalted in the Rasi chart and debilitated in Navamsa, then it loses much of its strength and vice versa. Navamsa chart is seen as an independent chart.

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No result is declared before considering the Navamsa chart. It is also seen for match making and to analyse maritial happiness. Chalit chart is the chart which shows house position of planets.

6 Astrology Myths To Stop Believing

Thus, the astrology that is predominantly practiced in Western Civilizations is no longer astronomically observable. This is a major reason astronomers do not believe in astrology. The Vedic system, however, does adjust for the precession of the equinoxes. When Western Astrology was devised, the two systems had the same dates for the Sun signs.

Over the centuries, they have drifted apart by around 25 days. Thus, most people are the Sun sign prior to the sign they have always believed. Poor guy….

[Infographic] List of Different Type of Astrological Readings and The Answers They Give

The periods are incredibly predictive. By looking to that planet in the chart — its sign, house, aspects, house lordship, conjunctions, and strength — one can tell very specifically what a person can expect to experience during that planetary period. Each major period is then broken down into sub-periods lasting one to three years, which then adds another layer of prediction. It is incredibly exciting!

I hope this is starting to explain why you should never judge someone based on just their sign and why Vedic astrology is such a powerful tool in looking at the whole person — him, you, and how you two fit together. In it, I debunk the common myths about astrology and tell you why they might have been getting in the way of your love life.

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Service provider Eircom U. For credit card psychic telephone readings, please have your card ready. International callers will be charged in British Pounds. But these are just one of a myriad of zodiac signs that are recognised around the world, and by different cultures. The twelve zodiacs are made up of twelve different animals which correspond with specific years.

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You can see a few examples below you can find your specific Chinese Zodiac animal by having a quick look online :. Like our Western zodiac, different signs in the Chinese zodiac are associated with particular personality traits but it is also a lot more complicated than ours.

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Each year alternates between a yin and yang year whilst simultaneously cycling through the five elements: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. One thing the Chinese zodiac is said to represent is love compatibility. Two peoples signs can determine whether or not they are a good love match and whether their relationship will last. A person with a horse sign for example, is best matched with a tiger, goat or dog but should stay away from a rat, ox, rabbit or another horse.