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Tarot Reading. Follow us on: Facebook Twitter. All rights reserved. There is much out there in the name of Nadi astrology. Not every Nadi is comprehensive or legitimate. There are fake Nadi leaves. It is important to be cautious about the source. Pillai has spent more than 20 years seeking out the most authentic leaves and the most reliable readers.

Whereas other Nadis usually give predictions spanning every five years or so, the Shiva Nadis give unusually detailed predictions on a bi-yearly or yearly basis, sometimes even every six months.

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If your leaf is not available with Shiva Nadi, Dr. Pillai has leaves from other illustrious saints, such as Visvamitra, Bogar and Pulipani. At present there are three ways to find your Nadi. Or, you can have your reading done through the mail. For the in-person option, visit our India trip information.

Once your leaf is found and the reading is completed you will be emailed or regular mailed a copy of the reading along with explanations of the temples and rituals for your remedies. Please note our Store does not offer Nadi services. Pillai says it is not enough for you to know your destiny. You also need to change and reconstruct that destiny as you wish to have it. For this reason, the most important aspects of Nadi astrology are the remedies involving rituals at temples with specific energies to transmute difficult past life problems that affect you now.

Remedies are a yogic art that Dr. Pillai has permission to share more openly with the world. At present there are two ways to perform your remedies, and it is possible to do both options. You can do them yourself, which is the most powerful way to dissolve your karma.

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The other option is to do them via proxy. For this option, a team of knowledgeable and sincere people that Dr. Pillai has selected from the AstroVed Homa Center will perform your remedies on your behalf, as specified in your Nadi.