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Dating, sex, relationship, and love horoscope. Astrology Arena Saturday, February 4, Capricorn Rising.

The Common Understanding of the Descendant

The following interpretation of Capricorn Ascendant is from the Karmic Insight Report, and is written from an esoteric viewpoint.. The Descendant Sign in the Birth Chart is the opposite sign of your Ascendant, or that which was descending under the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. Each of the planetary bodies in our solar system reflects a specific natural urge, so when combined with the energy of the Zodiac Sign it was in, we obtain insight into our essence in this lifetime. The descendant is the opposite of the ascendant, so if my asc.

Find the descendant sign on your natal chart now with this free online descendant astrology calculator. The descendant point in the different zodiac signs shows your attitude towards different kinds of relationships like business, personal, partners, enemies, friends, lovers, spouse, family, friends and more. Know which sign your descendant is placed in your horoscope to understand you attitude The cusp of the 7th house. The western angle. Loosely applied to the whole of the seventh house.

Descendant astrology is a tool that will allow you to know yourself better. It is a good entry point to the greater depths of astrology. We do provide a Descendant Astrology Analyzer which is a straightforward and simple tool that will allow you to do an analysis of your descendant. The readings are The ascendant , Asc or As , is the zodiacal sign and degree that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event. According to astrological theory, celestial phenomena reflect or determine human activity on the principle of 'as above, so below'. Thus astrologers believe that the ascendant signifies a person's awakening consciousness, in the same way that the There's one in each element, beginning with fiery Aries in spring, and ending with earthy Capricorn in winter.

What follows is the rhythm of the season, since after initiation comes the flowering fixed signs , and then disseminating mutable signs. In conclusion in , I see a revival of tradition, the desire to conserve and to defy this push toward all that's unnatural. As global forces seek to uproot more and more peoples, there's growing resistance to this psychopathic power. Read more about Pluto in Capricorn -- Inheritances and the Future. The panchang is used in Vedic astrology to find rising signs.

However, if you have your horoscope, you can easily find your rising sign. The exact position of the sign is shown in the diagrams given below. It is exactly opposite the ASC by degree and house.

Western and Vedic Sidereal Astrology Readings Free Guide!

The DSC shows what one desires in a partner. The chart is always wise and this is no exception. We crave what is opposite ourselves. The sign of Cancer is a cardinal sign, as is Capricorn. Astrology Arena Friday, February 12, The 7th House: Signs and Planets Through your 7th House sign, also known as your Descendant, and any planets you might have in the 7th House, you embark on the process of completing yourself. Seeking a partner or good friend with the qualities of your 7th House is usually the catalyst for this Capricorn Risings appears to be serious, responsable and determined.

They will always have a plan and work to achieve every goal. Can be conservative, and communicate in a careful but honest way. People with Capricorn ascendant will often attract people with …. Your Ascendant is Capricorn. Your Ascendant or Rising Sign reveals the ways in which you present yourself to others, as well as the ways in which you immediately respond to the world around you.

As such, it describes the ways in which we project ourselves out into the environment as well as the kinds of experiences we need to have in order to Experiencing the world and yourself through one-to-one relationships is the essence of the seventh house. The characteristics of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, are pronounced — lending you an executive ability, patience and the ability to master difficult tasks, whilst at the same time, generating fear, awkwardness and an inclination toward pessimism or negativity. Ambition is often strong, but so too can be crippling doubt about your ability to achieve what you set out to do.

For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and House should also be considered, as well as the qualities of your Moon sign.

What each Rising attracted to in their Descendant:

The mastery of material resources is often a prime concern. You may have a tendency to be stern, strict and serious especially — with yourself. You can be far harder on yourself than you are on anyone else. Others may see you as a harsh task master or a capable leader, and you are likely to be well respected owing to your capacity for hard work, pragmatism and prolonged focus. You need to find ways to make practical and efficient use of the resources that are available to you, and ultimately master your world.

To do this, you need to cautiously plan and structure your approach in order to meet the voice of responsibility inside of you, urging you on toward success and achievement.

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Treating yourself as you would a member of your team will help. Would you punish and criticize others as harshly as you do yourself? In the course of a day you are likely to do ten things, eight of which you will do very well.

Capricorn rising/ascendant (cancer descendant)

Rather than focussing on what you have not yet achieved you need to recognize what you have. Then you will see that you are more than able to fulfill whatever task is at hand, perhaps with a more patient approach? Sometimes working with a therapist or client-entered astrologer is the best way to understand how unconscious patterns undermine your efforts.

Achievements may be slow to come by, but are usually certain, owing to your methodical approach. The sign and house position of the Sun in your chart will give you many clues as to how this happens for you. Saturn, your ruler, is also known as Father Time, teaching valuable lessons through patience, commitment and endurance. Hardship and frustration teach you to refine your ambitions whilst developing long-term staying power.

Limits, laws and structures must be recognized and obeyed. There is a need to make something of yourself; and this will become a key driving force. Submitting to the need for order, structure and discipline will lead to long term satisfaction and contentment.

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  • Sometimes the inner expectation that life must be hard for you makes things far more difficult than need be. You meet what you expect in the world, and with Capricorn rising you may secretly expect hardship and limitation to greet you at every turn. However, we know that we are not going to be fulfilled if we just find any partner and sit back for the rest of our lives. We are constantly evolving as people and uncovering new aspects of our consciousness that allow us to expand and offer more love to the world through our unique gifts.

    If we harness the traits of the descendant sign, we can be more well rounded and instead of standing on one leg, stand on two. We have these strengths within us and the descendant sign helps us pull them out. Even our relationships help us pull them out. If we are unaware of the part of ourselves that lies beneath the surface, we will often see those traits in our relationships - however, we are being shown a part of ourselves.

    The Descendant Describes the Partner Type You Attract

    Did I lose you? Let me give you an example. If I tried to fit the mould of a very attentive type of partner putting my all into the relationship, I would become discontent, as if I was letting go of a huge part of myself and then becoming resentful of my partner. However, Sally may not be acknowledging that her true deeper nature is the opposite of Taurus, which is Scorpio , who wants to dive into the emotional depths and have a very intimate connection with life and people, seeing what makes it all happen and why. If Sally only plays the part of her ascendant and interacts on this surface level, she would be very discontent and repressing a huge part of herself.

    Sally needs to have a day of reckoning with herself so she can embrace her own depth and multidimensional appetite for expression. We are attracted to people who have the traits we want to develop in ourselves or that we need to recognize in ourselves for our soul to grow.